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Creative Sciences and Arts Magnets 

The four MSAP schools provide high-quality educational programs through implementation of a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) theme-based curriculum. Using a consistent, logical approach for the development and implementation of thematic instruction, the four magnets are established upon a strong school culture with an emphasis on delivering an outstanding education through highly-qualified and specialized teachers.

Through project-based learning, the magnet programs encourage collaboration, critical-thinking and problem-solving to increase student engagement. Students have access to and the ability to use the most sophisticated technology available for understanding the applied use of science and mathematics in the STEAM fields. Students are prepared to successfully succeed in school, college, technical schools leading to technical careers and professions. 

The four MSAP programs offer the following components: 

- Coding and Robotics 

- Engineering 

- Renewable Energy 

- Entertainment Technology 

- Digital Animation 

For more information on the individual schools 

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